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Marketing Director/Brand Strategist


2 years

Marketing Director/Brand Strategist


7 years

Marketing Director/Brand Strategist


4 years

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Education & Training

I was 9 hours short of my getting my B.A. and heading off to law school. But, I opened my big mouth and opportunity flew in. So, instead of going to class, I took a job in marketing and got on a plane to Taiwan. That was 30 years ago and I have never looked back.


My core strengths revolve around consumer focused marketing. Understanding the customer, getting their attention and maintaining a relationship are my greatest skills. The ability to multi-task, understand the unique challenges and opportunities of each individual client and the agility to navigate an undefined playing field make me great on the front-line.

Key Challenges

Time management and compartmentalizing. I sometimes have difficulty delving into additional roles within a company or project which can dilute the efficiency of my marketing role. I also suck at math and cutting straight lines.

Why I am looking for a new opportunity

My specialty is guerrilla marketing. I help small businesses, fledgling companies and startups grow. Once they have legs, I pass the torch.

What I like most in my work

Turning something from a concept into a reality.

Establishing client relationships.

Brand Strategy -This is my favorite. By melding the first two items together, a brand evolves and becomes something tangible, recognizable and the goal is revealed.

When I can start

Not Applicable

Ideal Work Environment

I like creative, open environments that spark imagination, new ideas and ingenuity. That being said, much of my work is done in the field at coffee shops, events, happy hours, photo shoots and various on-site locations.

Skills & Abilities

Creative Concepting

Preliminary Sales


Graphic Design

Brand Strategy


Content Curation

Content Creation

Project Management

Courtney Donnell