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Vice President of Human Resources

Pressure Pumping, Mining, Oilfield Manufacturing

1 year

Director of Human Resources

Aerospace Manufacturing

4 years

Division Director of Human Resources

Aerospace Manufacturing

3 years

My top 3 countries where I'm authorized to work

Education & Training

Certified Professional-Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM)


Ability to effectively translate complex operational concepts into tangible action plans regardless of audience; communicating up and down

Key Challenges

Tendendency to get too far down in the weeds on items that while important, might not be the most effective use of present moment

Why I am looking for a new opportunity

I was unfortunately caught up in a post-acquisition redundancy RIF, as my position was restructured out of the organization.

What I like most in my work

Helping develop the passions and strengths of my team to position them for success in their current roles as well as their future aspirations

Working with business leaders to understand existing challenges and helping craft specific pathways to rise above them and achieve business unit, functional, and broader organizational goals.

Learning about the specific contributions that the efforts exerted by individual personnel have towards the larger value stream

When I can start

Available immediately

Ideal Work Environment

Onsite work enviornments where those who are impacted by your decisions are present, and the output of the organization's efforts are tangible

Skills & Abilities

Human Resources

Mergers & Acquisitions

Organizational Development

Talent Acquisition

Compensation Planning

Strategic Planning

Talent Management

Learning & Development

Travis Fuelling