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Years in Role

Sr Human Resources Business Partner

Property Management

1 year

Director of Operations (People and Brand)

Beauty Distribution

20 years

My top 3 countries where I'm authorized to work

Education & Training

(2017) Bachelor of Arts - Psychology - University of Massachusetts - Magna Cum Laude (2022) State Insurance License - General Lines, Life, Accident, Health - Texas (2022) Google Project Management - Foundations, Project Initiation, Project Planning - Coursera (2022) Bookboon - Author - "The People Ops Paradox" - Set to release in 2023


Collaboration, Project Planning, Talent Management, Total Rewards, Culture Cultivation

Key Challenges

Hands-on High-volume Recruiting - Working in a team environment allowed me to be a part of but not take ownership of this area, and I would love to tackle it soon.

Why I am looking for a new opportunity

Remote flexibility with fantastic people who work hard, and value family time is ideal!

What I like most in my work

1. Talent Management

2. People Operations

3. Total Rewards

When I can start

Immediately Available

Ideal Work Environment

I prefer a professional, friendly, and collaborative work environment with remote flexibility.

Skills & Abilities

People Operations

Human Resources

Talent Management

Total Rewards

Benefits Management


Culture Enthusiast



What's unique about me?

Along with being an author of People Operations material, I also have multiple fiction works published! I also enjoy family time with my husband, three kids, and new puppy!

Tara Moore