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1 year

Lead Manager

Pool Construction

1 year

Project Assistant


1 year

My top 3 countries where I'm authorized to work

Education & Training

Office Occupations Certificate from Austin Community College Texas Notary Public Training on any new Software I work with, and keeping a notebook or cheatsheet for them.


Making sure deadlines are met, lending a hand in areas where I can be of assistance to make sure the work is covered and completed to meet or exceed the company expectations. Working to make sure everything that can be done that day is done before leaving for the day. Being creative and inovative when an assignment requires thinking outside the box.

Key Challenges

Making myself realize that it OK to leave work for the next day. Turning off my brain at the end of the day. Saying no when someone asks for help or assistance. Keeping a work/life balance in my life. Realizing I can't help everyone and I can't fix everything.

Why I am looking for a new opportunity

My llast position was part-time and I found that a full-tune position is now necessary.

What I like most in my work

Making sure the office is clean, organized, welcoming, professional and pleasing to all who enter or visit.

Listening and interacting with other individuals whether they are management, coworkers, clients, or vendors.

Planning get-togethers or parties, whether large or small such as employees mixers or morale builders, holiday parties, and client recognition events.

When I can start

No notice needs to be given, available February 5, 2023

Ideal Work Environment

A friendly, tight-knit, fqamily-like environment where everyone is respected and feels included. A laid back atmosphere that allows for laughter and humor, where the job at hand is taken seriously but where the employees are allowed to be themselves. Where being curious and inquisitive is welcome and encouraged and employees are comfortable enough to believe there are no "dumb questions."

Skills & Abilities

Office Manager

Administrative Assistant

Executive Assistant


Office Sjupport

Accounting Support

Project Assistant

Girl Friday


What's unique about me?

I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could - and I LOVE it! I can't imagine living anywhere else. While sucessfully raising seven children to adulthood I learned many things, to be positive, to have a sense of humor, to remain calm in all situations, to anticipate needs, to expect the unexpected, to “pick your battles”, and to smile and nod a lot. In my spare time I enjoy crafts and canning pickles, jalapenos, jellies, jams, preserves and salsas.

Tambra Ellason


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