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My Experience

Job Title/Role


Years in Role

CSR sales

Pest control

1 year


Home making

15 years

Billing accounting professional

Tech,problem resolution sales

8 years

My top 3 countries where I'm authorized to work

Education & Training

I have 3 full years of college education studying communication, business, and marketing. But I also have a skill set filled with all different techniques and skills that I’ve acquired and become very proficient in incorporating when performing my job.


My strengthens are my ability to communicate effectively to anyone in a positive helpful way and ask the right questions that allow me to determine what’s best to resolve or help a client with thier needs and issues.

Key Challenges

My key challenges would have to be my strong desire to understand every aspect of my business, job, goals, and spending a lot of off the clock time gaining that knowledge so I can put it to use to do the best job I can for the company and clients.

Why I am looking for a new opportunity

I’m at a point in my life that I’m trashy and able to finally find my dreamCareer and pursue it.

What I like most in my work

Communicating with clients in a way that allows me to take care of thier needs on the first interaction

Building rapport with clients that turn into lasting relationships and repeat business

Fully understanding the product or services I can provide the client so I can fit them to thier exact needs and end up with a satisfied happy client.

When I can start

I do not need to give a notice as I am not working right mow

Ideal Work Environment

I prefer remote work from home environments the best but any environment I get to engage with clients either via chat over the phone or even face to face is also high on my list of preferable work environments.

Skills & Abilities

Tech savvy

Effective communication

Very compelling and convincing

What's unique about me?

I have a system I use to learn any job task I’m meant to learn and use that includes systematic studying techniques, figuring ways to become fast er while more effective and efficient as whatever skill I’m needing to master to do my job to the best of my ability and I take pride in the fact that I always give that 100% to ensure I’m good not only for the client but an asset to the company.

Heather Jane Moore


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