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Years in Role

Senior trainee accountant

Auditing and tax services

3 years

Senior consultant accountant

Government sector

2 years

My top 3 countries where I'm authorized to work

Education & Training

I have Degree in accounting and Honors in Chartered Accountancy. I have completed 3 years SAICA Articles. I have also completed SAICA board 1 exams, working towards passing board 2 exam and obtaining my Chartered accountancy certificate.


I have a very analytical mind and thrive at problem solving.

Key Challenges

I am a vocal person and I expect all professionals to be love communicating and not see it as a cause of conflict. Communication brings about understanding and ensures maximum benefit for the company's human capital.

Why I am looking for a new opportunity

Looking for growth opportunities outside South Africa

What I like most in my work

When I can start

Yes, 1 month

Ideal Work Environment

At this point I prefer an environment where I will be challenged so that I can grow professionally.

Skills & Abilities



Business analyst

What's unique about me?

I am avid learner, looking to push boundaries. I am looking to maximize my potential. I am looking for challenges.

Cleopatra Ndlovu