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Senior HR Specialist

Federal Contractor

0 year

Senior HR Specialist

DC Government

6 years

Senior Recruiter

Healthcare Staffing

2 years

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Education & Training

Some college


Full Lifecycle Recruitment: I excel in managing full lifecycle recruitment efforts, from talent acquisition to onboarding, and implementing efficient recruitment metrics and data tracking systems to drive successful outcomes. Strategic HR Consulting: Throughout my career, I've provided strategic guidance to organizations, refined recruitment processes, and advised on staffing strategies, demonstrating my ability to offer valuable consulting services.

Key Challenges

One challenge I encounter is feeling hesitant to vocalize my ideas in new work settings due to a fear of inadvertently stepping on toes. While I value open communication, I strive to navigate this challenge by ensuring that my contributions are respectful and mindful of others' perspectives, while still expressing my thoughts and suggestions.

Why I am looking for a new opportunity

I'm seeking a new opportunity to further develop my skills, tackle fresh challenges, and contribute to a dynamic team. I'm eager to explore new avenues for growth and make a meaningful impact in a new environment.

What I like most in my work

Strategic HR Consulting

Problem-Solving and Conflict Resolution

Succession planning and pipelining

When I can start


Ideal Work Environment

In my ideal work environment, trust in the hiring process is paramount. I thrive when management believes in the capabilities of their team to deliver results. I value being judged based on productivity and work performance, as it fosters a culture of accountability and empowerment, driving both individual and organizational success

Skills & Abilities

Full life cycle recruiting

HR Strategic consulting

Succession Planning

Change management

What's unique about me?

Passionate about classic cars & interior design: Both embody timeless beauty, craftsmanship, attention to detail, & personal expression.

Ashlee Griffin