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Job Title/Role


Years in Role

Senior Staff Accountant


6 years

Travel Director

Travel Services

12 years

Senior Project Coordinator


10 years

My top 3 countries where I'm authorized to work

Education & Training

LEED Certified, OSHA 10, Certified Travel Agent.


Dedication, Able to work independently, Creative Thinking, Communication, Adaptable, leadership, Straight Forward. Attention to detail and all my project come in on time and under budget.

Key Challenges

Chocolate is my weakness. Seriously, at times prideful and won't easily ask for help. I like to try and figure things out on my own. Self criticism- I'm too hard on myself at times.

Why I am looking for a new opportunity

Back to the workforce after a 19 year marriage divorcing.

What I like most in my work



Work Life Balance

When I can start

No notice needed. I'm immediately available.

Ideal Work Environment

I can work in any environment honestly. However, I prefer a smaller staff office instead of a large corporation. I also work well alone so I can focus and have been working from home for the past 14 years. I have been in office for some contract work this year, so I'm used to being back in person too.

Skills & Abilities

Staff Accountant

Project Coordinator

Project Accountant

What's unique about me?

Personally, I love to cross stitch and love traveling.

Amanda Starr